Solving Medical Mysteries
Through Team Science


The Undiagnosed Diseases Network (UDN) is a research study supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Common Fund. Currently, NIH Common Fund support for the UDN ends in June of 2022. Applications to the UDN are still being accepted.

UDN clinicians and researchers are committed to continuing the network and providing answers for patients and families. To this end, we are actively pursuing sustainability strategies and welcome contact from potential partners.

We are working to publish a UDN status update and answers to frequently asked questions as soon as possible. Please check back in the near future for more details about the transition to the next phase of the UDN.

If you are interested in partnering with the UDN in sustainability efforts, please contact UDN@hms.harvard.edu.

If you are interested in working with the UDN Participant Engagement and Empowerment Resource (PEER) in support of the UDN, please contact PEERudn@gmail.com.