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Meet the UDN Helpdesk Team

What we do

The UDN Helpdesk Team is made up of a group of research assistants led by UDN Project Manager, Paul Mazur, located at the UDN Coordinating Center at Harvard Medical School. They work with undiagnosed individuals and their families to help navigate the UDN application, evaluation, and research process. The research assistants are all current genetic counselors in training that are highly knowledgeable about rare diseases and passionate about serving this community.

Contact us!

The Helpdesk Team is here to help answer your questions! They can be reached by phone at 1-844-RING-UDN (1-844-746-4836) or by email at UDN@hms.harvard.edu. The Helpdesk is open Monday–Friday, 9am – 5pm ET. The Helpdesk is closed on national holidays.

Meet the Team

Project Manager:

Paul Mazur (he/him) is a Project Manager for the Undiagnosed Diseases Network (UDN). He brings proficiency in operations, expertise in communications, and project management to the UDN while serving the undiagnosed community to end the diagnostic and therapeutic odyssey. He does his job because it makes him feel more human. It provides him with an incredible window into the human spirit. The UDN allows him to work with others to end the odyssey for all patients and their families. He believes that innovation, collaboration, inclusion, integrity, and patient leadership are key. 

Research Assistants:

Eloise Aragon (she/her) is currently a Genetic Counseling student at the MGH Institute of Health Professions. When she is not studying or working, she enjoys trying out new baking recipes in the kitchen, going on trail runs, or working on puzzles. She enjoys every opportunity that allows her to serve the rare and undiagnosed communities and provide a sense of hope. She understands that the diagnostic odyssey and the rare disease journey can be a long road, and is very grateful to help this community at any point along the way. 

Kopika Kuhathaas (she/her) is a Genetic Counseling student at the MGH Institute of Health Professions. Kopika is passionate about patient advocacy and improving access to genetic testing and genetic counseling, especially in medically underserved communities. Kopika is interested in applying her passion to improving education and awareness of rare/undiagnosed diseases. To Kopika, serving the rare and undiagnosed community means providing support and resources during a time of uncertainty. She is excited to work at the UDN Helpdesk and provide meaningful support to UDN applicants and their families.  

Somin Hwang (she/her) is pursuing her studies in Genetic Counseling at the MGH Institute of Health Professions. Born in South Korea, she spent her childhood in various cities in both South Korea and China. Somin is deeply committed to enhancing global access to genetic counseling and elevating awareness of marginalized populations within the healthcare sphere. Her role as a research assistant at the UDN holds profound significance as it enables her to contribute to individuals with undiagnosed diseases and uncover a deeper sense of purpose in her journey toward becoming a genetic counselor, dedicated to serving and helping people in need.

Michelle Malizio (she/her) is a Genetic Counseling student at the MGH Institute of Health Professions. Michelle is passionate about helping patients in underserved communities navigate their diagnostic journey. She values patient advocacy and strives to offer positive support and guidance to UDN applicants, participants, and their families amidst the uncertainty they face.