The Undiagnosed Diseases Network takes advantage of the strengths of UCLA’s genetic medicine programs, particularly the medical genetics clinic and the department of human genetics. The medical genetics clinic cares for more than 750 new patients a year and offers pre- and post-test genetic counseling. The human genetics department is dedicated to uncovering and transforming raw genetic data into a detailed understanding of the molecular origins and development of human disease. These discoveries are creating the knowledge base for personalized treatments and prevention strategies.

All patient studies will take place at UCLA’s Westwood campus, at the Clinical and Translational Research Center of the Clinical and Translational Science Institute. Patients will visit UCLA for a weeklong comprehensive clinical assessment that includes: clinical evaluations, consultations with specialists, and medical tests. Network investigators at UCLA will share genomic and clinical data gathered from patients with the rest of the Undiagnosed Diseases Network in the hopes of understanding and aiding patients who have suffered from rare and unknown diseases.




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